Thursday, February 14, 2013

LHW - The Already and Still Yet to Be

The Already and Still Yet To Be – Text by A Williams ©2013

Tune: Kolding

Life's verse dwells in already and still yet to be
When we think we've fond answers we lose clarity
Our choices move us on innumerable paths
Where we hope to one day see all clearly at last

We wonder, we wander, dialogue and discern
Longing for connections and from others to learn
Where God is moving in and as part of our lives
Seeking the divine clearness so God's way will thrive

We're pursued by the Spirit in all that exists
All creation is seeking though doubt it persists
Finding questions and answers through actions of love
For the Kingdom's today as forever above

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Lenten Hymn: In a Time Without Alleluias

In a Time Without Alleluias by A Williams © 2013
Tune: Wingate

In a time without Alleluias
When the world seems without delight
Souls are filled with solemn silence
For in darkness joy takes flight

In a time without Alleluias
Seeming so far away from peace
Creation seems still and stifled
Struggles on without release

In a time without Alleluias
Love seems broken and nearly gone
All our powers simply failing
to help us continue on

In a time without Alleluias
Hope for hopelessness is found
Naught on earth can keep love silent
Or God's mercy underground

The time returns for Alleluias
When we face all the dark inside
For we cannot do God's justice
Til to self we've truly died

We'll sing full the Alleluias
When at last we can clearly see
The world just as God intended
Love adorned in majesty.