Wednesday, March 30, 2011


It was a hard decision what to call this blog.  I basically created it as a way to get out a lot of thoughts that I normally would have rolled into papers or curriculum but at the moment have no reason to do either, so they're getting a bit pent up in my head and coming out in full force in various debates rather than on their own. 

So, first off a bit about your writer.  I am an Educator at a Church in South Carolina.  I am a Greek scholar with a real passion for trying to better understand scripture through a better understanding of the Greek language.  This leads to the title of this first post, Faithfulness (pi'stis).  It is my favorite word, it is a word rarely translated as such when going from Greek to English in scripture, but almost always translated as such in other texts from the time period.  More often scripture translates it as belief or faith.  My theology started to change when I started looking at verses and seeing their meaning with a focus on faithfulness. 

But what is faithfulness?  That is a more complex topic which I'm sure I'll prattle on about later, but for now let's keep it simple:  It is related to intent, to a journey, to a willingness, to that something that we can not NOT do (or that which we must).  It is the background behind our actions, our attitudes, our all. 

In that I hope to be faithful in this blog, I hope that this part of my journey will be of use to those who read it, and a way for us to journey together.

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