Saturday, January 26, 2013

Faithful Sojourners

Faithful Sojourners – Text by A Williams ©2013

Commanded by our creator
to do justice with our lives
Go deliver oppressed peoples
with God's righteousness our guide

We Rejoice with those rejoicing
Weep along with those who weep
Live in harmony with each other
Thus all God's commandments keep

Stand with those who have been victims
of much theft and violence too
tossed aside by all around them
they call out to me and you

Care for those the world abandons
Left alone in a strange place
lost and looking unto others
just to find a friendly face

Faithful sojourners together
we seek to do the right thing
show all honor, peace, and mercy
and in part God's justice bring

Shed not blood nor carry anger
all are full of God's great love
Made whole in the divine image
serve on earth for God above

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