Friday, May 31, 2013

A Poem Against the Powers of Control and Division

A Poem Against the Powers of Control and Division 
- I could have set this to a tune, but I think it's more in need of a Dr. Seuss style artist than music.
©2013 A Williams

We like it when things we can cleanly divide
For all things to sit on only one side
That which is evil versus that which is good
As we have determined, just as You “would”

For you've told each of us the other to love
And of laws handed on down from above
So this person should go on, be with like minds
They're not connected to our tie that binds

But this one would be better off joining us
Since they think this way, they won't make a fuss
They're better than them you can see it so clear
Bring them on over to be with us here

We are God's real church, as it's been throughout time
We've figured out every reason and rhyme
So come on over and try some of our wine
It's so much finer than on what they dine

For Obviously we're in God's image here
Just look at us, we are right, it's so clear
All can see, God has made it plain as clear day
We are the winners, there's no other way

The fruits of the spirit, so fine and so true
You'll find them in us, all bad we eschew
The fruits of the flesh? You are kidding me right?
We're not divisive, not here for a fight.

Maybe if we'd all just look a little bit deeper
And stop picking sides, playing grim reaper
Maybe we'd see we're full of fruits of the flesh
Not of the spirit who will still refresh

Step out of the places of power, control
Give up all safety to love's single soul
Risk all that we have to find God's unity
Admit we need “them” for community

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