Tuesday, January 28, 2014


I asked people to give me some scriptures to translate this early morning and I was given Ecclesiastes 3 and the Song of Simeon, so here are my versions of those texts (or parts of them):

Ecclesiastes 3:1-8
There is an intended desire for every moment under the sky and an appointed time for all things
A moment to pluck what has been planted, and a moment to plant
A moment to die, and a moment when we come forth
A moment to fortify, and a moment to break through
A moment to restore, and a moment to destroy
A moment to frolic with excitement, and a moment to wail out a dirge
A moment to make joyful sounds and a moment to cry bitter tears
A moment to break free and a moment to hold tight
A moment to gather things and a moment throw things away
A moment to throw away and a moment to preserve
A moment to be lost and a moment to seek and secure
A moment to speak out and a moment to be still
A moment to sew together and a moment to split apart
A moment to come together and a moment to battle
A moment to be foes and a moment to have affection for others

Luke 2:21-35
And then when 8 days were complete at the time of his circumcising,  he was called Jesus according to his character, just as the messenger had so called him in the time prior to when he came to be in the womb. And then when the days of purification were complete as commanded by the law and custom of Moses, they led him up to Jerusalem to stand before the Lord for it is expressed by the Lord's law that every male who opens a womb is to be summoned and set apart to the Lord. And then they gave as the law of the Lord commands, an offering of a pair of turtle-doves or two nestling doves. And then a man in Jerusalem who was called Simeon who took hold of what was good and just, awaiting encouragement for Israel with a holy spirit upon him. And then the holy spirit made agreement with him to not experience death before he looked upon the Lord Christ. And then he went via the Spirit to the temple as they introduced the parents of the infant Jesus who were doing that which was customary for him. And then he welcomed him into his cradled arms and conferred himself to God saying: “Now I, your servant, can let go in good peace, just as you spoke. For I have experienced your salvation with my own eyes, that which you ordained completely before all people, an unveiled light to the world, the glory of your people, Israel.” And then his father and mother were awestruck at the ramblings about him. And then Simeon blessed them, saying to Mary his mother: “I perceive he is appointed for the falling and re-raising of the many of Israel and as a sign of opposition, which will bring piercing grief through your deepest parts, as the deep selfish of many will be revealed.” 

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