Saturday, May 23, 2015

Simple Comissioning Liturgy

The call of Christ is to a willing, dedicated apostleship. Our apostleship is a manifestation of the new life we enter through baptism as we travel through the world. It is both a gift and commitment, as well as an offering and a responsibility. Today Alex Gilbert comes before us, as she begins her role as intern at the CROSS ministry of Myers Park Presbyterian Church in Charlotte, NC. At this time I invite Gail Gilbert and Brooke Bazemore forward to join me in commissioning Alex.

Alex, we commission you, representing your family, your friends, and your church:

We send you with the knowledge, the grace bestowed on you in Baptism is sufficient for your calling because it is God’s grace. By God’s grace we are saved and enabled to grow in the faith and to commit our lives in ways that serve Christ. God has called you to particular service. Show your purpose by answering these questions.

Will you be Christ’s faithful disciple, showing his love in word and action?
I will
Do you welcome the responsibility of this service, To love neighbors, And to work for the reconciling of the world?
I do
Will you serve the people with energy, intelligence, imagination, and love,
Relying on God’s mercy and rejoicing in the power Of the Holy Spirit?
I will
Do we, the congregation of Harbor View Presbyterian, confirm the call of God to our sister to this service?
We do
Will we support and encourage her in this ministry?
We will
We send you not away from us, but as part of us, loved by family, friends, and faith. We send you with prayers, with promises to be here as you need us, with our blessing. Go forth and do that which God has called you to do. Amen.

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