Sunday, September 13, 2015

Sermon Outline

I don't usually write down anything when I preach, but due to feeling sick today, I decided to have an outline if I needed it.  Since many have asked me for a copy of today's message here is that outline:

  • Mark 1:29-38
    • Typical Jesus Text
      • Heal
      • Care
      • Provide Hope
    • Unexpected
      • Doesn't stay still
      • Cares for insiders
      • Cares for who comes to him
      • Goes to Care for those who don't come
    • Church
      • Should be likewise, equal care for all, don't just stay inside.
      • Nice encouraging sermon done.
  • 2 Timothy 13-18
    • What is scriptrure good for?
      • Initial learning
      • Testing the logic
      • Improvement
      • Living
    • NOT “Bible Said It, I Believe It, That Settles It”,
      • Rather “learn from these examples, and find new ways to do new things in a similar way”
      • Scripture like Jesus shows us “ways” to be, not “how things are to be”
  • Example: Korah
    • Under taught story
    • The story ends with vindication for Moses
    • The point of the story isn't don't question, but HOW Moses responds
      • Risk, what if he is wrong
      • Hope, God will still be focused on the “creative benefit” of all things regardless
      • Moses doesn't KNOW he's in the right
        • Regardless of how much he believes it, he is willing to be shown wrong
        • Thus will accept the consequences if he is
        • He doesn't fear, because of HOPE, and thus can RISK
  • Back to Mark
    • What are we willing to risk to follow the way of Jesus?
    • Where are we being called to go, even though we may be doing well where we are?
    • Are we willing to step away from good work, hear the spirit call, and go into the unknown?
    • Do we see ourselves as a place, a people, and/or a movement? Are we being what we're being called to be?
    • What happens to Jesus if he doesn't do all the things he does here? What might happen to us?
  • The Big Question
    • The last question is based on a problem in this world: Fear and Blame have great power in the world.
      • Can, and more importantly WILL the church be a place where living out the ideas of living by HOPE through RISKing ourselves creates a different narative for the world where we truly GO an d CARE for ALL, just as we would those closest to us?
      • Let us let go of FEAR, in our spirits, language, and living so we can grasp HOPE.
    • For scripture tells us that HOPE in the God who is LOVE changes everything if we will RISK. AMEN.

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